TCM 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years of Turner Classic Films 

TCM Remembers 2014

The Swan House at the Atlanta History Center hosts a celebration of life for those remembered in 2014.

Show Open: Silent Sunday Nights

A picture is worth a thousand words... or more with these beloved classics. 

TCM Remembers 2012

Atlanta’s historic Starlight Drive-In and M83’s “Wait” create the perfect backdrop for TCM to honor the movie professionals the world lost in 2012.

TCM Time is Running Out

Promax Gold Winner *

A beautiful intense woman views the world and film through the lens of a telescope.

The Story of Film: An Odyssey

Honored to create all the promotions for this
2013 Peabody Award Winner.
15 installments of Mark Cousins’ gorgeously constructed and richly layered historical tour of world cinema. 

TNT's The Last Ship

Promoting Michael Bay's original series, The Last Ship.

TCM Kurosawa Films

Kurosawa’s advances in all aspects of filmmaking were decades ahead of his western counterparts.

TNT The Ride

Whether it be on the court, field or case;

TNT knows drama.


Watching the Detectives

Cigarettes, bullets, and suspense. Sabotage Film Group’s Scott Lansing directs and edits this homage to classic detective films.

Tear Jerkers Movies 

Promax Gold Winner *

That moment when the human mind, body or spirit reaches its breaking point. In times of joy, rage, or sorrow. Celebrating the Classic Tear Jerkers of Cinema.

TCM 15th Anniversary

A look back at 15 years of celebrating the greatest films of all time.

TCM Double Features

There is no escape from the devastating invasion of TCM’s Drive-Ins double feature.

TCM This Month – Fall leaves

A reflective collection, celebrating the simplistic
beauty of a single moment and an entire season.

TCM Remembers

Girl tosses and turns in a seedy motel room waiting for someone who is never going to get there.

TCM Jean Harlow

Music by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals amplifies the controversial magnetism that defined Jean Harlow as the 1930’s sex symbol.

TCM Lee Marvins Films 

He might break your face or break your heart. Either way, he is going to leave a mark.

TCM Complicated Women

A coy smile, eyes of fire, a single tear. The complexities of women.

Silent Sundays Show Open 

If a picture is worth a thousand words then
a moving picture is worth a million.

TCM Life in the Depression 

A great empire leveled by recklessness and greed. Displaced tillers of the land lose grip of the soil and the gentry fall from grace. But humble salvations grant an escape, replenishing the spirit.

TCM Battle of the Blondes

Sophisticated icons of class and beauty, forever emulated but never equaled. They rose above their roles to become everlasting idols. TCM presents the battle of the blondes.

TCM Fan Retrospectives 1

A series of brand image spots featuring real testimonials by TCM fans

Cecil B. DeMille

A "humble" Film maker, in his own right, translates some of the most important stories of all time.

TCM Fan Retrospectives 2

A series of brand image spots featuring real testimonials by TCM fans

TCM Fan Retrospectives 3

A series of brand image spots featuring real testimonials by TCM fans

Beach Tuff Dance Off

Beach Tuff brings the beach party

"everywhere you roll.”

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