FLINT: The Poisoning of an American City

Directed by David Barnhart / Director of Photography: Scott Lansing 

FLINT: The Poisoning of an American City explores the critical question of how 100,000 people in the USA could be poisoned by drinking water. The film features interviews with area residents and experts in lead and water. While serving as a warning to the rest of the country, this documentary educates and inspires.

For more info: www.flintpoisoning.org

Robert Shaw: Man of many Voices (Feature Film Documentary

* 2017 Breckenridge Film Festival WINNER - BEST DOCUMENTARY

Executive Producer: Kiki Wilson / Directed by: Pamela Roberts & Peter Miller

Edited by: Amy Linton / Motion Graphics: Scott Lansing, Jennifer Lansing, Matty Vetter & Chris Roach 

A film honoring one of the world's most beloved classical music icons.

For more info: http://robertshawthefilm.com

Unbecoming (Feature Film)

Directed by Chris White  / DP & Edited by Scott Lansing


A retired U.S. senator with a dark secret, an in-school suspension teacher and his captive audience of one, two lost souls’ unlikely meeting at a roadside diner, the stomach-churning memory of True Love lost, a father’s last will and testament passed on via workshop mix tape.


Award-winning writer-director Chris White presents his 5-film, comic anthology on the nature of personal devolution and change—with a decidedly Southern gothic twist. facebook.com/unbecomingfilm


Staring: Michael Forest, Patti D’Arbanville, Aaron Belz, Teri Parker Lewis, Bill Mazzella, and Lilly Nelson.

CINEMA PURGATORIO (Scene: "Let's do it in French")

* 2015 Sarasota Film Festival Official Selection

* 2015 PASTE Magazine TOP 14 of Sarasota Film Festival

* 2015 Beaufort Film Festival WINNER - BEST COMEDY

* 2015 Beaufort Film Festival  – AUDIENCE FAVORITE 


Directed by Chris White  / Edited by Scott Lansing

When husband-and-wife indie filmmakers Neil and Liz Shaw hear that Bill Murray will be a judge at the “Low Country Boil 48-Hour Film Festival,” they pack their bags and head to Charleston. The Shaw’s filmmaking weekend in the Holy City suddenly goes from bad to worse, leaving them lost in the first circle of Hell.

Kepulihan: When the Waters Recede

(Feature Film Documentary)


Directed by David Barnhart  / DP & Edit: by Scott Lansing


A documentary capturing the 2004 Tsunami aftermath and recovery told entirely through the eyes and experiences of survivor, Pak Yadi, over a 10-year period as he struggles to forge a new life and rebuild his community.


(Feature Film Documentary)

The DeRose Hinkhouse Awards – Award of Excellence


Directed by David Barnhart

Director of Photography: Scott Lansing


Whenever an act of gun violence occurs, communities are fractured at every level. This is what makes TRIGGER: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence  such a powerfully moving film. TRIGGER shares the stories of individuals that encounter gun violence in various sectors of our communities: parents, children and siblings of victims, school teachers, trauma surgeons, law enforcement, legislators, pastors and grief counselors. Although we often think of a bullet as being an end, for those affected, it is only the beginning. http://triggerdoc.com 

When I was young I said I would be happy (Feature Film Documentary)


Producer:  Barnet Bain

Editer: Ellen Goldwasser

Director: Paul J. Lynch

Executive Producer: Lori Leyden

Executive Producer: Nick Ortner

FILM OPEN & MOTION GRAPHICS: Scott Lansing & Jennifer Lansing



Bleed (Feature Film)


Directed by Tripp Rhame (Spitfire Studios) / Assistant Editor Scott Lansing


"Secrets Grow Inside"


Bleed weaves the tale of six friends who blindly follow a deadly fate as they explore a burned down prison.



WAR PHOTOGRAPHERS (Feature Film Documentary)


Directed by Mike Ramsdell

Pilot trailer created by Scott Lansing


COLLIDER (Feature Film Short)


Directed by Paul Jenkins 

(Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles, Xmen, Spawn, Fairy Quest)

Edited by Scott Lansing



STANDING SILENT (Feature Film Documentary)

Directed by Scott Rosenfelt

(Producer/Writer/Director of Bre-X, Producer of Smoke Signals, Home Alone, Mystic Pizza and producer and director of the doc, Standing Silent)




Wrtier Phil Jacobs of the Jewish Times, an orthodox Jew himself, must go against his own community's wishes as he uncovers and reports on a web of sexual abuse involving a well-liked orthodox rabbi, and his son, in the Baltimore Orthodox community. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1109467/

BAR BETTING (scene from feature short) 


Directed by Joseph Lawsky

Edited by Scott Lansing

Produced by Andrew Alonso



HARD DAYS PAY (scene from feature short) 


Directed by Puja Chaudhari

Edited by Scott Lansing


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