Goodnight House by Granville Automatic

The Battle of Perryville claimed the lives of over 1400 men in 1862. The town's preacher/doctor, set up a makeshift operating room in a barn at the Goodnight farm to tend to the wounded.

Beacon Sun by Quiet Hounds

AWARD: GEORGIA's "Best Professional Music Video"

Few places have witnessed the horrors that took place at the Confederate War Prison Andersonville. Yet, this haunting beauty calls the "children of the damned" back home.

Never on A Sunday by Granville Automatic

A young woman reflects on her mother’s experience and life lesson in order to “make her own damn way."

In the Country by Ricky Gunn

Party all night 'til we bring up the sun. This is how we get it done out in the country. 

The Americans by John Mellencamp

A music video that celebrates the individuality of being an American. Renowned wood- carving artists Jigsaw James Stanley.

Gigantic by Quiet Hounds

The experiment... let "Quiet Hounds" song concept and practice space motivate the video's framing and dictate the direction of the edit. And here's what we got! Directed by Scott J. Lansing.

Caustic Light by Shannon Wright

Caustic Light is only an illusion. But it can still burn. Shot with the Moco Cam by director, Nigel Rowe. Edited by Scott Lansing.

Perl Drums Demo by Uncrowned

Uncrowned shows us around their studio and demos their Pearl drum kit.

Cat Power LP 

A short documentary on the music and artistic journey of Cat Power.

Birds Collide by Trances Arc

Twenty Four thousand stills combined with 3D animation created this music video for Trances Arc.

Pressurize, Minus

Universal artist Minus can't be contained with "Pressurize."

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