Detroit 2014

Detroit city. Finding the beauty in footage of a city on the rebound. A collaboration with Director David Barnhart.


The Conversation 

A Promax Gold award winner *

& A New York Film Festival award winner **

Someone is always listening in this promotion
for Francis Ford Coppala’s the Conversation.

The Graduate

A Promax Gold award winner *

This award winning trailer captures the disturbing honesty depicted in the seminal film “The Graduate”.


Desperate times lead to desperate measures. Only days to live and on a pursuit to provide for his family, a man tries to make a dangerous deal, on all levels.

Sunset Boulevard

Murder, betrayal, and revenge can all be found on Sunset Boulevard.


The legend is real. And it’s hungry.

Graumen's Chinese Theater

The iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theater is forever linked with Hollywood and American cinema.

On the Waterfront

His most difficult fight did not take place in the ring.

Sean Connery Films

Cunning, debonair, and lethal. His resolute prowess and impenetrable cool define him as TCM’s Star of the Month.


Pressed to the limits of survival.

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